August 1, 2019

Mortgage loan for a young marriage without children

Many young marriages are wondering where to live? Most often they are houses or flats where there is already someone, if the mother-in-law is not an easy situation. Even the best mother-in-law and father-in-law is not a flat alone and you will soon find out. The most important is that we can find a flat or house very quickly. Further illustration at

Not all of us have rich parents, that’s why a mortgage comes into play. This is the only way, but of course you will have to earn a lot to get such a loan. Today it is difficult to get larger amounts, because banks require considerable collateral. Young couples are wondering whether to take a mortgage now or only when a child or children appear.

How does it look in practice?

How does it look in practice?

Remember that if you are applying for a mortgage, the number of people in your family matters. If we have a child, there are already three people and the income and expenses are divided by them, so we may not get a loan because our creditworthiness will be too low. Statistics clearly show that if we have three or more children, we can afford a smaller mortgage. The problem is that if we have a large family, we want to have a larger apartment.

For the amount of four hundred thousand zlotys in a large city, an apartment that can accommodate a family of four cannot be found. You can live in a small apartment, but that’s not the point, because we want to live in comfortable conditions, not one person on top of the other. Those times are over, that’s why you need to look for something for yourself. If we don’t have children today and we buy an apartment, then we will have to think carefully about how many these children we plan. Many people just don’t think about it and buy a two-room apartment, after which it turns out that one child is already a problem in a small apartment, and two or three are not at all.

You must not look at what is happening today, just look ahead and then we will not have any problems. You will not regret that instead of buying a large apartment we are in something very small. We have a loan for this flat and we will not exchange it for a larger one. A mortgage is a commitment for decades, and therefore children will move out of the house before we repay the loan.

Credit granting

Credit granting

Banks like to give loans to young couples because they know that they will pay it off on time. In general, it is rare in Poland to pay off mortgage loans on time, because people are aware of the consequences that may pose for them, and so it is about getting thrown out of the apartment and a bailiff case. The mortgage, if the apartment has not covered this amount, is still payable whether we live in the apartment or not. This is how it works in Poland that we take a loan not for real estate, but for the purchase of real estate. What is the difference?

Such that we have to give back the money and that is what we borrowed, and if something goes wrong, the apartment goes to auctions and the differences in the received amount are still repaid. If we had a loan for real estate, we would not pay back, they would take away the topic. This is the case in the USA, among others. Unfortunately, we cannot count on this in Poland, so if there are problems with paying off, then the big problem with the property we own will start.

We calculate a mortgage

We calculate a mortgage

Before we go to the banks on our own you will be able to do a mortgage calculation. The websites have special calculators that allow this, so you need to check how it works. If he meets our expectations and we see that one of the banks will definitely give us money, he can be contacted.

We’ll find out what documents are needed and how much time it may take. The shorter the better for us, because we certainly dream of our new apartment, and the sooner we move to it, the better for us. You can choose new apartments that are just being built, but you can also take advantage of the offer for used apartments. The prices are very different for such apartments and you have to compare them, and then we will know what pays off and what does not.

Let’s choose not only the mortgage, but also the apartment, and then we will not regret our decision. In large cities, apartments are very expensive, so you have to think about whether it is better to buy something outside the city and commute to the city? Many people do just that and are really very happy, so let’s analyze everything and then we will know what pays off and what does not. 

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