June 22, 2019

Leasing also for young entrepreneurs – Installment loan

Are you thinking about starting a job? However, starting your business involves considerable expenses. Renting space for a company, office equipment or buying a company car – this type of investment can be too heavy a burden in the first months of operation. Therefore, it is worth considering leasing, which will definitely facilitate the start.

Register the company and use the lease

Register the company and use the lease

Leasing is a convenient form of investment financing for companies. It may relate to the purchase of vehicles and other fixed assets necessary for conducting own business. For example, if you plan to launch a transport company, you can lease a van. What is worth emphasizing, to sign a leasing contract you do not need to have many months of experience in running a business. Shortly after registering your company, you can apply. The lessee must provide the lessor only with the company ID and NIP.

Lease agreement – some basic information

Lease agreement - some basic information

Importantly, an entrepreneur taking a leasing car does not become its owner. The vehicle belongs to the lessor, who lends it to him for the duration of the contract. At the beginning, the entrepreneur must pay a one-off fee, the amount of which depends on the value of the vehicle used. Then, for the duration of the contract, usually five years, it bears monthly leasing installments. When the contract ends, the lessee has the right to buy a car for a small amount or can leave it to the lessor.

Are you thinking about leasing? Get help from professionals!

Are you thinking about leasing? Get help from professionals!

If you are wondering if leasing is the best solution for your company, get help from a financial advisor. SEF provides such services. It is a financial center that offers a wide range of services. The full offer of the company can be found on the website sef. There is also a convenient, free tool that quickly estimates approximate financial expenses related to leasing. This tool is a leasing calculator. You only need to specify which fixed asset leasing is to apply to, provide its net and gross values. The next step is to declare the amount of own contribution, the loan period and the amount of monthly installments, as well as determining for what percentage the value of the vehicle you will possibly want to buy after the end of the leasing contract. After selecting all these options, the calculator will calculate the leasing installments.

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